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Главная » 2015 » Апрель » 10 » тесты "Времена английского глагола"
тесты "Времена английского глагола"
Выберите правильный вариант.
1 .When Mark arrived, the Johnsons______dinner, but stopped in order to talk to him.
a) were having c) had been having b) had d) was having
2. While Tom______a book, Marhta______TV.
a) was reading, watched c) was reading, was watching b) read, watched d) read, was watching
3. The food that Ann is cooking in the kitchen______deli¬cious.
a) is smelling c) smelt b) smells d) will smell
4. We called our friends in London yesterday to tell them about the reunion that we_.
a) will plan c) plan b) were planning d) have planned
5. Catherine is studying law at the university, and so______ Nick.
a) is c) was b) does d) were
6.1 feel terrible. I think I______to be sick.
a) will c) am going b) go d) will be going
7. My colleagues usually______four days a week, and tills week they______five days.
a) work, work c) are working, are working b) are working, work d) work, are working
8. It______outside; 1 do not like to walk in such weather.
a) rains c) is raining b) is rain d) is rained
9. I______a very difficult day tomorrow. I need to prepare for the exam.
a) will have c) have b) am having d) would have
10. At 10 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday Tom_____a delegation in the office.
a) will receive c) will be receiving b) is receiving d) would receive
11. Although the sun was shining, it was still cold, because it ___hard for two hours.
a) had been raining c) had rained b) was raining d) is raining
12. She______at the parcel long enough, before she_____that it was for her brother.
a) had been looking, had understood b) had been looking, understood
c) was looking, understood d) was looking, had understood
13.1_____to the cinema but my friend persuaded me to stay.
a) am not going c) did not go b) was going d) had been going
14. We were good friends, we______each other for years.
a) had known c) were knowing b) had knowing d) know
15. We were extremely tired at the end of the journey. We __for more than 24 hours.
a) had travelled c) had been travelling b) were travelling d) travel
16. How long______this book? How many pages of this book______?
a) have you been reading, have you been reading b) have you read, have you read
c) have you read, you read d) have you been reading, have you read
17. We always go to Saint Petersburg for our holidays. We ______there for years.
a) have been going c) go b) are going d) were going
18. I have lost my key again. I______things. I lose things too often.
a) always lose c) have always lost
b) am always losing d) was always losing
19. The economic situation is already very bad and it______worse.
a) is getting c) got b) gets d) would be getting
20. What time______your friend______tomorrow?
a) will arrive c) will be arriving b) is arrived d) will arriving

Тест 2
Выберите правильный вариант.
1. We______to the top of Holborn Hill before I______
that he was not smiling at all.
a) had got, knew c) were getting, knew
b) got, knew d) have got, have known
2. Turning from the Temple gate as soon as I______the
warning, I______my way to Fleet Street, and then______
to Covent Garden.
a) was reading, made, drove
b) have read, made, drove
c) had read, made, drove
d) read, made, drove
3. Seventy-seven detective novels and books of stories by
Agatha Christie______into every major language, and
her sales______in tens of millions.
a) are translated, are calculated
b) were translated, were calculated
c) have been translated, are calculated
d) had been translated, were calculated
4. In recent years, scientific and technological developments
______human life on our planet, as well as our views both
of ourselves as individuals in society and of the universe as a whole.
a) have drastically changed c) are drastically changing
b) drastically changed d) change drastically
5. Before we______from swimming in the river near the
camp, someone______our clothes, and we had to walk
back with our towels around us.
a) returned, stole c) were returning, stole
b) had returned, had stolen d) returned, had stolen
6. Our new neighbours______in Arizona for ten years be¬fore moving to their present house.
a) had been living c) have been living
b) lived d) were living
7. We went into the house by a side door and the first thing 1
______was that the passages______all dark, and that
she______a candle burning there.
a) noticed, were, left
b) had noticed, had been, had left
c) noticed, were, had left
d) have noticed, were, had left
8. The sun______brightly all day on the roof of my attic,
and the room was warm.
a) was shining c) has shone
b) shone d) had been shining
9. Although the period that we call "the Renaissance" ______in Italy in the fourteenth century, this idea of re¬birth in learning characterized other epochs in history in different parts of the world.
a) begins c) began
b) had begun d) will begin
10. Egyptians left no written accounts as to the execution of
mummification, so the scientists______to examine
mummies and establish their own theories.
a) had c) are having
b) have d) have had
11. In spite of the fact that it______all day long, the match
______and the stands were full of spectators.
a) had been raining, was not cancelled
b) rained, was not cancelled
c) was raining, has not cancelled
d) had rained, had not been cancelled
12. Many football fans claimed that after "Real FC"______
that important game it______no chance to win the
a) lost, had c) had lost, had
b) lose, has d) will lose, will have
13. I wish he______last Friday but his flight______be¬cause of bad weather. If he______the next day I would
have brought him by car.
a) arrived, was cancelled, called
b) had arrived, was cancelled, had called
c) had arrived, had been cancelled, called
d) arrived, have cancelled, had called
14. After many long years of devoted and patient instruction,
the doctor______able to get the boy to clothe and feed
himself, recognize and utter a number of words, as well as write letters and form words.
a) was c) had been
b) has been d) were
15. At the first stages of the Industrial Revolution advertising ______a relatively straightforward means of announce¬ment and communication and was used mainly to pro¬mote novelties and fringe products which______un¬known to the public.
a) had been, were c) was, were
b) had been, had been d) was being, were
16. Towards the end of the 19th century the larger companies
______more and more on mass advertising to promote
their new range of products. The market during this pe¬riod ______by a small number of giant, conglomerate
a) relied, has been controlled
b) relied, had been controlled
c) were relying, has been controlled
d) relied, were controlled
17. To cater for the fitness boom of the 80s and provide the up-to-date facilities people want, over 1,500 private health and fitness clubs______during the past 15 years.
a) were built c) have been built
b) had been built d) will be built
18. In 1936 the British Broadcasting Corporation______to
provide a public radio service. Since then the BBC ______by the establishment of independent and com¬mercial radio and television, which______the BBC's
broadcasting monopoly.
a) was established, was influenced, removed
b) was established, has been influenced, removed
c) was established, has been influenced, had removed
d) was established, had been influenced, removed
19. The Neolithic Age was a period of history which______
in approximately 6000 B.C. and______until 3000 B.C.
a) began, lasted c) began, was lasting
b) had begun, lasted d) had begun, had been lasting
20. A major problem in the construction of new buildings is that windows______while air conditioning systems
a) have been eliminated, have not been perfected
b) were eliminated, were not perfected
c) had been eliminated, had not been perfected
d) eliminate, are not perfected

Тест 3
Выберите правильный вариант.
1. - How long______you______?
— Since I was 17.
a) have been driving c) did drive
b) have driven d) do drive
2. She______always______in Moscow.
a) —, lives c) has been living
b) has lived d) has live
3. How long______you______Kate?
a) did know c) have known
b) have been knowing d) do known
4.1______here all my life.
a) have lived c) am living
b) have living d) live
5. Kate has lost her passport again, it is the second time this
a) happens c) happened
b) has happened d) is happening
6. Kate has been working here______.
a) since two years c) for two years
b) two years ago d) two years
7. The boy sitting next to me on the plane was nervous be¬cause he______before.
a) has not flown c) had not flown
b) did not fly d) has not been flying
8.1______a lot but I don't any more.
a) was used to eat c) was eating
b) used to eat d) used to eating
9.______next week, so we can go somewhere.
a) I'm not working c) I don't work
b) I won't work d) I shall not work
10. We are late. The film______by the time we get to the
a) will be already started c) will already have started
b) will already start d) already will start
11. Don't worry______late tonight.
a) if I'll be c) when I'll be
b) if I am d) if I be
12. At first I thought I______the right thing, but I soon re¬alized that I______a serious mistake.
a) did, made c) have done, have made
b) had done, had made d) did, had made
13.1 hope Kate is coming soon. I______for two hours.
a) am waiting c) had been waiting
b) have been waiting d) waited
14. At last Kate came. I______for two hours.
a) am waiting c) had been waiting
b) have been waiting d) was waiting
15. She is going on holiday. This time next week she______
on a beach or______in the sea.
a) is going to lay, swim
b) will be lying, swimming
c) will lie, swim
d) is lying, swimming
16. —______you______the post office when you're out?
- Probably. Why?
- I need to mail the letter. Could you do it for me?
a) are passing c) will be passing
b) are going to pass d) will pass
17. We______for a walk when it______raining.
a) will go, will stop c) are going, will stop
b) will go, stops d) go, stops
18. When you______in Moscow again, you must come and
see us.
a) will go c) are
b) will be d) are going
19. I'm going to read a lot of books while I______on holi¬day.
a) am c) would be
b) will be d) am going to be
20. -______you______your car this evening?
— No. Do you want to borrow it?
a) will be using c) are used
b) will use d) do use

Тест 4
Выберите правильный вариант.
1. Water______at 100 degrees.
a) boils с) will boil
b) is boiling d) will have been boiling
2. The weather • hotter and hotter.
a) gets c) is getting
b) has been getting d) get
3. The first modern Olympics______in Athens more than a
hundred years ago.
a) were taking place c) have taken
b) took d) had taken
4. We______20 new buildings this year.
a) built c) had built
b) were building d) have built
5.1______always______if the service is bad in restaurants.
a) -, complain c) will be complaining
b) am complaining d) will complain
6. I______to the news on television at nine o'clock last
a) was listening c) have been listening
b) listened d) had been listening
7. After they______they cleared the table.
a) ate c) have eaten
b) had eaten d) were eating
8.1______for a whole hour!
a) am waiting c) have been waiting
b) was waiting d) had been waiting
9 I______John's mobile phone because I left mine at
a) use c) used
b) was using d) have been using
10. This juice______good.
a) is tasting c) has been tasting
b) tastes d) is being tasted
11. Long ago they______most houses out of wood.
a) built c) were building
b) have built d) had built
12. We still______life on other planets.
a) didn't discover c) won't discover
b) hadn't discovered d) haven't discovered
13.1______when my friend______.
a) slept, called
b) was sleeping, was calling
c) was sleeping, called
d) slept, was calling
14. Those potatoes______for an hour.
a) have been boiling c) are boiling
b) were boiling d) had been boiling
15. You______always______money!
a) —, borrow c) will borrow
b) has been borrowing d) are borrowing
16. They______for four hours before they______the top
of the mountain.
a) climbed, reached
b) had been climbing, reached
c) was climbing, reached
d) climbed, has been reaching
17.1 think it______a difficult game.
a) is going to be c) have been
b) will be d) had been
18.1______ to you ever again.
a) don't speak c) hasn't spoken
b) am not going to speak d) will have been spoken
19.1______him tomorrow, he is expecting my call.
a) phone c) am going to phone
b) am phoning d) will have phoned
20. The boat______the island on Friday.
a) is leaving c) is going to leave
b)leave d)leaves

Тест 5
Выберите правильный вариант.
1. His grandfather______from his job a year ago.
a) has retired c) retires
b) was retiring d) retired
2. The backpacker knew there was a lake because they ______ it earlier in the day.
a) have seen c) had seen
b) saw d) hadn't seen
3.______he______about the opera before?
a) had spoken c) has spoken
b) was speaking d) did speak
4. What time______it______?
a) did happen c) had happened
b) has happened d) was happening
5. Tomorrow at five he______football.
a) '11 play c) plays
b) '11 be playing d) play
6. This time last year he______in London.
a) lived c) '11 live
b) was living d) has lived
7 I______for you for more than one hour.
a) has waited c) was waiting
b) have been waiting d) was waited
8. He______it for an hour before I came.
a) have been doing c) had been doing
b) had been done d) did
9- —_____he already______the doctor by that time?
a) has seen c) was seeing
b) did see d) had seen
10. She______her work already.
a) hasn't finished c) finished
b) has finished d) is finished
11. When I______it______yesterday.
a) wake up, was raining c) woke up, was raining
b) woke up, rained d) 've woken up, was raining
12. Will you______the bank when you go out?
a) be passing c) have passed
b) pass d) to pass
13. Last night I______home at 11. I______supper and
then______to bed.
a) have come, had. went c) came, have had, went
b) came, had, went d) came, had, have gone
14. ______ you ______ many cities when you were in
a) did visit c) are visiting
b) have visited d) do visit
15. They______for 20 minutes when his mother came in.
a) talked c) have talked
b) were talking d) had been talking
16. The room looks very clean.______you______it?
a) Did, clean c) Have, cleaned
c) Do, clean d) Are, cleaning
17. Next year is my parents' tenth wedding anniversary. They ______married for 10 years.
a) have c) '11 have
b) are d) '11 have been
18. Next week he______to Paris on business.
a) is going c) goes
b) is going to go d) go
19. They______this article by 5 p.m. yesterday.
a) have translated c) had translated
b) translated d) had been translated
20. While he______tennis, he______his arm.
a) played, was hurting c) was playing, hurted
b) was playing, hurt d) played, hurt
21. This time next week he______in the Black Sea.
a) swim c) '11 swim
b) '11 be swimming d) swims
22. Last night I______in bed when suddenly the phone
a) read c) have read
b) were reading d) was reading
23. He______for Moscow by yesterday night.
a) had left c) has left
b) left d) was leaving
24. He______very fast when the accident______.
a) drove, happened
b) was driving, has happened
c) is driving, happened
d) was driving, happened
25. We______from her since June.
a) have heard c) had heard
b) haven't heard d) weren't hearing

Тест 6
Выберите правильный вариант.
1. She______her exam by two o'clock.
a) passed c) has passed
b) have passed d) had passed
2. A plate slipped out of my hands when I______the wash¬ing up.
a) was doing c) had done
b) did d) was done
3. It's nine o'clock. The pupils______a lesson.
a) will be having c) have
b) are having d) have had
4. He______ill twice so far this year.
a) is c) was
b) has been d) is being
5. By summer you______English for two years.
a) '11 study c) '11 have been studying
b) have studied d) are studying
6. What______you______at this time yesterday?
a) was doing c) did do
b) have done d) were doing
7. We're late. The film______finished by the time we______
to the centre.
a) is finished, get
b) will be finished, '11 get
c) will have finished, get
d) finished, '11 get
8. The documents______by the time I come.
a) '11 have been typed c) '11 be typed
b) '11 have typed d) will be typing
9. Last year 1______ill only twice.
a) was c) am
b) have been d) has been
10. By the 8th of April my mother_______at school for
twenty years.
a) '11 work c) has worked
b) '11 be working d) '11 have been working
11.1______these sentences for one hour.
a) am writing c) have written
b) 've been writing d) was writing
12. We______it for half an hour when the teacher entered.
a) have discussed c) discussed
b) were discussing d) had been discussing
13. It______for three hours.
a) was snowing c) is snowing
b) snowed d) has been snowing
14. My sister learns French and she______very well.
a) does c) is doing
b) do d) did
15. My nephew is at college now, and my son______to col¬lege next year.
a) is going c) '11 go
b) is going to go d) goes
16. His friend______two English articles into Russian.
a) translated c) has translated
b) have translated d) translates
17. They______us several telegrams lately.
a) send c) sent
b) 've sent d) are sending
18. Don't worry! The child______better.
a) get c) have got
b) gets d) is getting
19. He______under treatment for two months but there are
no signs of improvement.
a) 's been c) was
b) is d) is being
20. Doctor Ivanov______people for heart trouble.
a) is treating c) treats
b) has treated d) treat
21. This dictionary______much and is very valuable to me.
a) costed c) cost
b) is costing d) had cost
22.1 wonder why John______a job yet.
a) finds c) didn't find
b) hasn't found d) found
23. The company______now for building workers.
a) advertised c) was advertised
b) has advertised d) is advertising
24. The hard work______on his health.
a) tells c) is telling
b) is told d) was telling
25. Peter______up photography as a hobby.
a) took c) has taken
b) was taken d) takes

Тест 7
Выберите правильный вариант.
1. Jack______down on his sofa and______about the day.
What a busy day it______ .
a) sat, thought, had been
b) was sitting, thought, had been
c) sat, thought, was
d) sat, was thinking, had been
2. This was his first night in his own flat. He______his en¬tire life in his parents' home.
a) lived c) has lived
b) was living d) had lived
3. No wonder he was tired. He _______ up since six o'clock in the morning.
a) is c) had been
b) has been d) was
4.1 was furious because I______and missed the train.
a) had overslept c) have overslept
b) overslept d) haven't overslept
5. She was nervous because she______never______before.
a) has flown c) had flown
b) hasn't flown d) hadn't flown
6. Mary is disappointed because her son______exams.
a) failed c) fails
b) has failed d) had failed
7.1 didn't know his name. But I was sure I______him be¬fore.
a) saw c) haven't seen
b) have seen d) had seen
8. Mike is a beggar now but he______always______poor.
a) was not c) hasn't been
b) hadn't been d) has been
9. When I got home I was hungry. I______anything to eat
all day.
a) haven't had c) have had
b) hadn't had d) had had
10. Jack wants a new job. He______in the same job for
three years.
a) has been c) is
b) was d) is being
11. He is broke. He______all his money on entertainment.
a) spent c) had spent
b) has spent d)spend
12. How much money______you______for your retire¬ment?
a) do save c) have saved
b) are saving d) had saved
13. How long______he______his friend?
a) has known c) do know
b) had known d) is knowing
14. This is the first time I______bread with honey.
a) ate c) am eating
b) eat d) have eaten
15. What______. you______last night?
a) have done c) were doing
b) did do d) had done
16. He______his hair. He looks nice.
a) has cut c) is cutting
b) cut d) had cut
17. When______he______his hair cut?
a) has got c) did get
b) had got d) does get
18._____. you______Peter? - I______him yesterday.
a) did see, saw c) have seen, have seen
b) were seen, saw d) have seen, saw
19. He______at me and______into silence.
a) had looked, fell c) was looking, fell
b) looked, fell d) looked, had fallen
20. The train______just now.
a) leaves c) left
b) had left d) was leaving
21. We had many difficulties but we______them.
a) have overcome c) had overcome
b) overcame d) '11 overcome
22. We______their family for long.
a) knew c) have known
b) are knowing d) had known
23. She left for the South and I______her since.
a) didn't see c) hadn't seen
b) haven't seen d) don't see
24.1______the title of the book.
a) 've forgotten c) forgot
b) 'd forgotten d) am forgetting
25. Mary______French before she came to France.
a) learned c) has learned
b) was learning d) had learned

2. Модальные глаголы
Выберите правильный вариант.
Тест 1
-______(1) you retell this text in English right now?
- Unfortunately I______(2).______(3) to do this I
______(4) to repeat some words which I______(5).
a) b) c) d)
1can 1can 1. must 1. shall
2. can't 2. can't 2. can't 2. can't
3. to be able 3. be able 3. to be able 3. to be able
4. have 4. have 4. must 4. can
5. need- 5. need 5. can 5. need
Тест 2
He______(1) write in German, but he______(2) to
speak the language fluently. He______(3) to listen to many
tapes ______(4) to understand native speakers when he
______(5) to work in Germany.
a) b) c) d)
1. can 1. can 1. can 1. is able
2. isn't able 2. can't 2. isn't able 2. isn't able
3. '11 have 3. '11 have 3. '11 have 3. '11 have
4. to be able 4. to be able 4. to be able 4. to be able 5.'11 have 5. has 5. has 5. has
Тест 3
-______(1) I come in?
— No, you______(2) because the bell has already rung.
- Oh, I'm sorry.______(3) I go to the dean's office for
- No, you______(4). You______(5) join us after the
a) b) c) d)
1. shall l.may l.may 1. may
2. mustn't 2. must 2. mustn't 2. mustn't
3. shall 3. shall 3. shall 3. shall
4. needn't 4. needn't 4. need 4. needn't
5. may 5. may 5. may 5. may
Тест 4
If you______(1) to work much, you______(2) to go in
for sports. If you______(3) to go in for sports, you______(4)
become unfit. So, you______(5) decide what is better.
a) c)
1.'11 have 1. have
2. won't be able 2. won't be able
3. aren't able 3. aren't able
4. may 4. may
5. must 5. must
b) d) l.have l.have
2. aren't able 2. won't be able
3. aren't able 3. won't be able
4. may 4. may
5. must 5. must
Тест 5
My friend and I______(1) to do a part-time job______(2)
to make a trip to the Far East. But yesterday my friend said
he______(3) go there because he______(4) to look after
his sister who______(5) be seriously ill.
a) b)
1 must l.had
2. to be able 2. to be able
3. couldn't 3. couldn't
4. would have 4. would have
5. might 5. might
Тест 10
- The plane to Boston______(I) to take off in 15 min¬utes. ______(2) you do me a favour? ______(3) I pass
through the Customs without checking my suitcase?
- I'm sorry you______(4). .Ml passengers______(5)
open their suitcases.
a) b) c) d)
l.is l.will l.is l.is
2. could 2. can 2. could 2. could
3. may З.тау 3. shall 3. may
4. may not 4. may not 4. may not 4. may
5. must 5. must 5. must 5. must
Тест 1 1
—______(1) you______(1) to go to work earlier yester¬day?
- Yes, I did. But I was late because I______(2) get up on
- What about tomorrow?______(3) you______(3) to
wake up early again? I think I ______(4) because it
______(5) be a day off.
a) c)
1. do, have 1. did, have
2. couldn't 2. couldn't
3. will, have 3. do, have
4. must not 4. mustn't
5. may 5. may
b) d)
1. did, have 1. did, have
2. couldn't 2. couldn't
3. will, have 3. will, have
4. mustn't 4. must
5. may 5. has
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